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5000 caps in calendars!

MICH12 nov 2023

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Soviet caps trade

MICH19 aug 2022

Soviet caps trade files

Where you can find new Soviet caps for your collection? Unfortunately, you can't buy them on bottles any more. Something can be found on, and websites like that. I better like make trades with my colleagues collectors. I have many caps for trade, steel and aluminum. So, if you have some trade material, please leave comment under this topic or write to my contacts!

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probkin11 mar 2021

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530 new help pictures added

MICH03 jan 2021

As I announced earlier I've completed to draw help pictures of variation's key features. While I did that I managed to fix some errors in catalog, in calendars. I rearranged Moscow variations with many small differences - the variations have been grouped and now base variations can be found less complicated way.

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MICH08 dec 2020

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