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probkin11 mar 2021

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530 new help pictures added

MICH03 jan 2021

As I announced earlier I've completed to draw help pictures of variation's key features. While I did that I managed to fix some errors in catalog, in calendars. I rearranged Moscow variations with many small differences - the variations have been grouped and now base variations can be found less complicated way.

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MICH08 dec 2020

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Fonts on Soviet caps

MICH26 nov 2020

You have maybe noteced alikeness of caps from different factories or even cities. Indeed, fonts were changing during production years. I mostly like old 50th, 60th! Standard fonts described in GOSTs. So, I googled and discovered some: GOST 2930-62, GOST 2.304-81, GOST 26.008-85.

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Visualization of key features

MICH01 nov 2020

Many variations, especially in hierarchy, have multiple differences described as text. It's hard to recognize difference by text especially in large amount of items. So I decided to use some magic and made this hint:

key features

I have some time to create all hints. For the moment you can test a couple examples:

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