Moscow Interrepublican Winery in the USSR

Moscow Interrepublican Winery in the USSR bottled wine as well as vodka using crown caps.

We know for sure that caps were used for wine in 1985 and much later -- in 1991 -- for vodka. Crown caps have been seen on soda and beer bottles more often.

There is a slight difference in the background colors for different beverages: for vodka, the background is more red, whereas for wine it is more pink. The text and the emblem are identical on both types, and each has a standard rubber-like liner.

Label of Arbatskoye vine of 1985

The Russian Vodka label of 1991

Two original bottles of Russian Vodka bottled back in the USSR (in 1991)

Vodka usually has been packed with special aluminum caps known as Beskozyrka (on Russian “Бескозырка”, in fact originally means a hat in navy). There was no crown caps used on the factory after 1991…


VLADIMIR10 jul 2014, 09:13

Для тех кому важен срок выпуска более точным - это март 1991 г.

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