Common calendars

I have added a new feature yesterday: “Common calendars”. What is this and why we need it?

Firstly, I have to say something about a calendar itself. Most likely, Russian and former-Soviet collectors are familiar with this term, but the following information should be useful to others. The day of month the beer was produced was imprinted (often in the middle) on the caps used for that lot of beer. Caps showing the different days of the month form a set, from 1 through 31.

A person who works extensively with calendars can find various patterns of dates on these caps. It's very hard to collect a complete set of 31 days - just because in life there is often a lack of completeness in such things. After analyzing a number of calendars, we might come to some conclusions about the relationships between various sets of dates.

Are you still here?))) Well, let's look at an example. There are two aluminum variations in Zhigulyevsky Brewery. They have different fonts as you could notice. The variation RU340101-0002 have days from 1 through 3 in the calendar, while RU340101-0001 have days from 4 through 31. Is it coincidence? I don't think so. In fact, we (collectors) deal with thousands of such caps, but we didn't get any other days. They are simply don't exist. That is why we can combine this two calendars in one complete common calendar (from 1 through 31)!


VLADIMIR20 jan 2014, 21:36

Лично я не собираю календари но если попадаются? Кидаю в коллекцию. Для меня важна разновидность штампа. Вы написали что полные календари собрать сложно и до комплекта приходится класть в календарь схожую разновидность пробки. Это понятно. А если эти "схожие" имеют 2 -3 шт. в одном календаре? И отличаются? То получается в одном календаре 2-3 разные пробки. Может сделать табличку по "редким" таким номерам номерам календарей? Что ? Искать то? Или как?

MICH21 jan 2014, 02:53

Нет, если находятся пересечения дат схожих разновидностей, мы разделяем календарь. Речь идет именно о календарях без повторений (таких как Жигулевский комбинат из примера).

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