Calendar RU370103-0001A

Embossed aluminum. Embossed outside. Beer. Zhigulevskoye. Production period: before 1969.

Inscription on cap: along the inner circumference - ЛПЗ Кр. Бавария, along the outer one - Жигулевское Цена 25 к.б/пос.

The font is bigger on this cap. This variation has number of differences: 1) the "К" letter inside and the "Ж" letter outside are close to each other; 2) there is a different "У" letter in "Жигулевское"; 3) the "3" letter in ЛПЗ has straight ends.

In addition, there many minor variations, with defective stamps of some letters: the letter "Л" is absent from ЛПЗ, the letter "Р" in not complete, and the first letter "А" in "Бавария" differs...

© Image by Ivan Bespalov