Calendar RU370102-0005AA

Embossed aluminum. Embossed outside. Beer. Zhigulevskoye. Production period: 1970-1971.

Inscription on cap: along the inner circumference - ГОСТ 3473-69 Ст. Разина, along the outer one - Жигулевское Цена 25 к.б/пос.

Unlike the base variation RU370102-0005A the word "Разина" is printed more compact, the "А" stands above the "П" in the word "пос", but not above the "О". Position of "Г" in the abbriviation "ГОСТ" is also different: end of the "Г" points to the "Ц" in the word "цена", but not on the "Ж" in the word "жигулевском".

© Image by Art Zhitnik