Embossed aluminum. Embossed outside. Beer. Zhigulevskoye. Production period: before 1969.

Inscription on cap: along the inner circumference - ЛПЗ Вена, along the outer one - Жигулевское Цена 25 к б/пос.

The position of ЛПЗ looks like RU370101-0002H, however:

- price is bigger (25)

- У in the word "Жигулевское" much more wider

- А in the word "Вена" bigger then Н, and has different position

- The top part of В in the word "Вена" absent, but Ц in "Цена" and Е in "Жигулевское" and "Вена" is printed all right

© Image by Vyacheslav Morozov