Calendar RU370101-0002H

Embossed aluminum. Embossed outside. Beer. Zhigulevskoye. Production period: before 1969.

Inscription on cap: along the inner circumference - ЛПЗ Вена, along the outer one - Жигулевское Цена 25 к. б/пос

The "25" is large, but the other text has a font size that is average. Possibly this variation combines 2 or 3 small variations. Common features include the top point of the Л in the ЛПЗ abbreviation being placed under the letter "У" in "Жигулевское" (which is moved slightly to the left); З in ЛПЗ is under the letter "С"; the bottom part of the letter "Ц" in "цена" is wider than the top part; the abbreviation ЛПЗ has spaces between letters. There are many defective letters, in particular the "Ц" in "цена", the "Е" in "Жигулевское", and "Вена".

© Image by Alexandr Kolosov