The Work Continues

I have not written any posts during the last few weeks, primarily because there has been no significant news. In a sense, "no news is good news" because this indicates that the project is stable and continues to evolve as it becomes better known among collectors. There have been a few additions, though: Andrey Maslov has posted some aluminum variations from Moscow. There is still much to do before the site is comprehensive.

I have noticed that the emphasis in recent weeks has moved from adding new variations like the ones Andrey has contributed to improving the quality of the existing content of the website. I am receiving many pictures of the caps from collectors, who share their information with us when they have caps in good condition. I very much appreciate that! Where we can, we are also improving the catalog's images by correcting colors, properly alighning the caps, and cropping the images -- it is a long process! Today we have thousands of images on the site. It is difficult to make them uniform, since they have been created using a great variety of cameras and scanners, but the improving quality of the catalog also shows that the site continues is growing and becoming more useful.

We are also moving toward the end of the process of translating the entire site into English: 80% of this work is done now. Even though there are not too many English-speaking visitors yet (judging from the statistics), a complete translation for the project to be as useful as we want it to be.

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