Crown caps in Soviet movies

Hi, fellows! For a long time I had idea to write a blog about a subject. Besides a frame from movie, I want to define what exactly cap there could be, based on time period, place of shooting, bottle lables etc. Here we go!


"Spring on Zarechnaya Street", Odessa Film Studio, 1956. The film was shot in Zaparozhye and Odessa (Ukraine). Originally it's black-and-white, colored later. Likely labels on the bottles don't match any real beer brands. At least we can't recognize it. Maybe it's from soda, and maybe it's even just props.

Spring on Zarechnaya Street, scene at the stand

Nice close-up!

Spring on Zarechnaya Street, saleswoman at the stand

And another one scene, most likely with Zhigulevkoye beer.

Spring on Zarechnaya Street, tableful

Juicy shot of Zhigulevskoye in "Queen of the Gas Station" (Dovzhenko Film Studios, 1962).

Queen of the Gas Station, at store

Here're another labels, beer as well...

Queen of the Gas Station, at store

The film shot in Ukrainian town Piryatin (Poltava Region) half way from Kyiv to Kharkiv.

Queen of the Gas Station, beer on a tray

The Girls 1961. Shot in Mosfilm studios in Moscow.

The Girls, beer

The Unamenables (Mosfilm, 1959). It could be aluminum cap.

The Unamenables, vodka shot

Dima Gorin's Career (Gorky Film Studio, 1961). Filmed in Zakarpatska Oblast, Ukraine. Typical bavarage packing of those times - bottle without a label, all inforation about the product printed on a crown cap.

Dima Gorin's Career, new year celebrating

Step Forward (Lenfilm, 1975). Looks like Zhigulevskoye beer one of the LPZ (Leningrad breweries).

Step Forward, Leonov brought beer


Borjomi mineral water was seen in many films. Label is recognizable throughout the years.

My dear man (Lenfilm, 1958).

My dear man, borjomi

Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures (Mosfilm, 1965).

Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures, students

Mimino, (Mosfilm, 1977). By the way, there also soda Buratino on the right.

mimino in a restaurant

Another frame from Mimino with unknown mineral water, maybe Borjomi.

mimino in the plane with bottle of mineral water

Office Romance (Mosfilm, 1977).

Office Romance, romantic dinner

Station for Two (Mosfilm, 1982).

Station for Two, borjomi

The Blonde Around the Corner (Lenfilm, 1984).

The Blonde Around the Corner, borjomi

Many unknown beverages at store.

The Blonde Around the Corner, at store

Hard to say which exactly cap where was used. In fact we don't have precise information about production periods of Borjomi in our catalog. It could be one of this:

But most likely it had no any picture at all:

bottle and crown caps borjomi

Additional information about Borjomi mineral water you can find in our blog.


"Sportloto-82" (Mosfilm, 1982). An example of product placement in Soviet films. The main character brought two bottles of Baikal, labels of them showed close-up.

Sportloto-82, baikal labels

Sportloto-82, baikal crown caps

On one frame we can recognize the cap.

Baikal was also seen in "Old New Year" (Mosfilm, 1980).

Old New Year, tableful


Besides Mimino, Buratino soda was seen in "Day Train" (Studio Ekran, 1976).

Day Train, at the table

And in "The Irony of Fate" (Mosfilm, 1977).

Ippolit drinks champagne

I want to thank all of guys participated in finding information! Not all shots have been accepted for the publication, only brightest and most popular films, only frames with crown caps. There are many other films with beer in them, but it wasn't a goal.Also, I rejected some funny scenes with opening already opened bottles)))

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