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Пробка Жигулевское Пиво Жигулевский комбинат завод История Самарская область

MICH15 sep 2019

Interesting video about caps from Samara by youtube channel LandS2004.

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Visiting the St. Petersburg brewing musem

MICH23 jul 2019

I have been to St. Pitersburg couple of weeks ago. Visited nice small museum of Heineken Russia. It's located in one of the historical buildings of Stepan Razin Brewery. Galina Klyarovskaya, museum's manager, showed me and a couple of other visitors many interesting things, told us a lot about various brewing epochs.

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Pictures update

MICH09 apr 2019

Because of my collection storage method change, I decided rescan all my Soviet caps. If you want to know why I processed storage method read the article on Russian. Hundreds of pictures have been updated!

picture resolution comparison

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Winter changes

MICH31 jan 2019

For a month long I worked on resolving various issues with this resource. Many of the issues demanded attention, but I didn't find time and courage to get rid of. Anyways, I've made some new features, and here is a list of most interesting of them.

this is some kind of cosmos

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Crown caps in Soviet movies

MICH24 dec 2018

Hi, fellows! For a long time I had idea to write a blog about a subject. Besides a frame from movie, I want to define what exactly cap there could be, based on time period, place of shooting, bottle lables etc. Here we go!


"Spring on Zarechnaya Street", Odessa Film Studio, 1956. The film was shot in Zaparozhye and Odessa (Ukraine). Originally it's black-and-white, colored later. Likely labels on the bottles don't match any real beer brands. At least we can't recognize it. Maybe it's from soda, and maybe it's even just props.

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