Statistics showing what board members have added to our catalog

It may be interesting to some users to see these statistics. I have aggregated the data from the last few months, running from May 2012 (the creation of the website) up to now. Here is what they show:

The average number of additions is 160 per month, but that number is in steady decline. The reason is not our laziness; as a matter of fact, thanks to contributions the catalog becomes more and more complete - and better and quality, too, so that finding new information is difficult. We are working on additions!


desperate20 apr 2015, 11:34

Интересная статистика! Характерные всплески наполняемости в июле-сентябре и ноябре-декабре. Первый, несомненно, обусловлен результатами поискового сезона, второй - возрастанием интереса к материалу в период холодов, когда копать уже не получается, а с пробками поработать хочется :-)

MICH21 apr 2015, 11:34

Если так, ждем новых всплесков!

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