Restoration of an almost totally destroyed embossed cap

A copy of the Vicror Zhdanov's post about restoring the Karmadon cap in bad condition.

Recently, my friend Eugeniy, knowing my intention to restore some used bottlecaps, asked me to try to do something with a rare but practically destroyed Karmadon cap that was in very bad condition, not least for having been completely flattened out.

I accepted the challenge. First, I pushed the flattened sides back up until I got something resembling the rectangular capsule shown here.

Next, I flattened the cap's top with my special tool, as shown in this photo.

Finally, I bent the numerous teeth on the cap back to their original shapes using another special tool (conventional pliers converted to my needs).

Here is the result! There is some damage in areas where the original lines have been bent, and I was also unable to restore three of the teeth. Everything else, however, came out sufficiently well: if I had a cap like this, I would put it into my collection without a doubt.

Here is the restored cap, showing for comparison another similar cap:

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