Web Site Renovation

During the last weeks I've been working on the project renovation, mostly concerned it's web appearance. Not everything can be seen from the outside, but anyway here is a change list:

  • The most significant change - new layout of pages, I mean absolutely new, however original design remained the same. Today we have more friendly user interface on the devices with different screen sizes. Yes, the previous version of layout was responsive as well, but now it's even better! Especially I like how it looks on mobile devices.
  • There is new a modal window of cap enhanced with external information: user can set a checkbox whether the cap is on his collection, and open a list of collectors who already have it in theirs. Here we can add more controls in future, something like I have it for trade or even I have it for sale (and a price field nearby). So, having this info we can offer some user interface for trading and buying. I don't really sure about buying/selling, because it connected with money, but our project is not commercial, and we don't want any legal issuers. On the other hand, it could help to discover the value of an item... Anyway, write on comments what do you think about it.
  • The background color of the main menu differs on catalog (burgundy) and personal collections (grey). It will help to distinct collections and catalog, looking alike.
  • I made the geographical map in vector graphics, modern web browsers can render those images without a problem. Vector graphics helps to add visual effects or custom styles reflecting user events (for example, republic glows slightly when cursor goes over it). A minor thing, but looks cool! Likely, some of you can see it looks ugly, because of your browser or operating system issues. Write us, we will try to fix it. The site must shows correctly on the latest versions of popular browsers.
  • We moved on a new web hosting again. Servers are located in Moscow (Russia), old ones were in Netherlands. Most of the visitors comes from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, so Moscow is a better choice. Response must comes faster...
  • The internal platform has been updated. It is a core of the whole web site. We got some opportunities, the custom captcha in registration, in particular. The standard one had weak protection against various spammers and bots. Every day number of such fake users registered, and I was forced to close automation registration. Now registration opened, and looks like it's OK...
  • Now we can embed youtube video in blog post, works perfectly on different devices.
  • The fast search has been added. It locates on the main menu, on the right part, of any page. I hope I'll be convenient. Fast search finds caps only by inscription.

If you're facing with page rendering issues, broken layout or other problems, let us know and we will fix it.


desperate03 apr 2018, 21:12

По поводу продажи и цен, на мой взгляд, выхлопа не будет. Слишком нас мало и слишком застоен рынок. Кто хотел - почти все уже приобрел.

MICH04 apr 2018, 02:46

Есть надежда прихода чистых продавцов, не коллекционеров. Но, опять же, не получится ли так что останутся недовольные: кто-то кого-то обманул, а я виноват))) Наверно, пока это направление приостановим...

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