Dear Collectors, Crown Cap Fans, and Others! A team of us have made huge strides during the last several years building a new website, The Crown Caps of the USSR. We've discovered many rare items, recognized regularities (and irregularities) in the designs applied to caps over the years, and begun to build a community of interest around this topic.

I hope all that work involving many new collectors in this project, along with others who are not collectors but are gaining an better appreciation for caps. For example, those who hunt for treasure with metal detectors have begun to think about crown caps as something more than just scrap metal. As a result of this work, many more caps are selling in auctions, and with lower prices.

Those of us on the team have gladly been bearing the costs of maintaining the website, which is not a commercial enterprise - and never will be. However, we would welcome anybody who would like to help us fulfill and expand The Crown Caps of the USSR project, either with expertise or through financial contributions. Such assistance will give us the incentive and ability to undertake future improvements in it!

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