Visiting the St. Petersburg brewing musem

I have been to St. Pitersburg couple of weeks ago. Visited nice small museum of Heineken Russia. It's located in one of the historical buildings of Stepan Razin Brewery. Galina Klyarovskaya, museum's manager, showed me and a couple of other visitors many interesting things, told us a lot about various brewing epochs.

kalinkin bottle

In old Tsar times there were such beautiful bottles, with stamp meaning the brewery was supplier of the Russian empire court. The caps were ceramic, most of them found on the brewery territory.

First of all I was interesting in Soviet crown caps. Inside on of the showcases I discovered one:

soviet beer bottles

crown cap stepan razin steel zhigulevskoe

Old Soviet steel crown cap! We had no this date in the catalog. I tried to make a photo, but with no fortune. The showcase had no doors. Galina promised me to shot it when they make a rearrangement...

stepan razin bottling line 1960thBeer bottling line 1960th

leningrad beer

At last, post Soviet brands. Here are couple of bottles dedicated to visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Ir to Russia.

kim jong ir stepan razin beer

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