The site of collectors

Here is some information from our partners. They have created a service for different collectors, which allows people to exhibit their collections, to conduct exchanges, etc. Among other things, even Soviet bottle corks and caps can be found here!

If you are a collector and interested in stamps, coins, bookmarks, old postcards or other collector's pieces or if you are just curious and want to know about amazing collections, which exist in the world, you have to visit our portal

The site of collectors unites not only collectors from all over the world, but also all concerned and curious people. Those, who already have their own collections, are able to find like-minded persons, who they will have a pleasure to communicate with. They can demonstrate their collections on the portal, creating virtual galleries and exhibitions, look for, put for sale, find and buy or exchange new interesting specimens and artifacts.

Here you can meet professional collectors, who earn their money by means of successful investing and profit from the timely selling of the rare artifacts. There are also true lovers, for whom collecting is an opportunity to touch a different world, creating wonderful collections. After all, interesting collections may just be the subject of admiration. The creators of the portal have done their best to make its functionality as simple as possible both for experienced collectors and beginners.

The portal is constantly changing to comply with the demands of its users and to provide feedback. The users can follow current events on the portal, reading the portal news. And they are able to learn about what is happening in the world of collectibles by visiting the column "Articles and Reviews".

We offer our visitors different categories of collectibles, that are easy to fill in by yourself placing their collections. If the collection does not fit in the provided formats, the portal will gladly expand its present borders.

The portal invites everyone to join the already registered users. We hope that the time you spend on our pages will be a real pleasure for you.

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