The team

Several times I have written about my one of the main goals I intend to reach with this project: making it the collective work of number of people interested in the subject. One of the most famous Russian proverbs says: “One head is good, two are better.” Four are even better! Certainly, I made a lot of preparations before launching My work concentrated on organizing and describing the many embossed caps of my own collection. They were a good base for this catalog, too, because of the good-quality images I had.

As you may have noticed before, I have used the word “work” several times. My colleagues would agree with me that, in fact, we are getting a lot of fun out of this work – I mean in creating this catalog. I want to believe there is, at some remote time in the future, a point when the work is finished, when we have an ideal, complete catalog with perfect images in it. Most likely, there will never be such a time: we will always be working on additions and improvements to it. But I would like to thank the team of people who have spent their own free time to help me in putting this catalog together.

Who are the members of this team?

  • Art Zhitnik (that’s me). I maintain the server, the web-site scripts, the databases and all that stuff. Also, I coordinate work of the catalog’s editors and translate the catalog into English.
  • Vyacheslav Morozov, one of the catalog’s editors. He did much in enlarging the catalog’s geographic coverage to Ukraine, the Baltic republics, and other territories. With his help, the catalog also became more colorful.
  • Andrey Maslov. The other editor of the catalog. Andrey has one of the biggest collections of Soviet-era caps, in particular from Moscow factories. He contributed his own numerous variations and calendar sets, which he organized long ago.
  • Alexei Shiyakin. Editor. He works with Andrey on the Moscow region.
  • Donn Neal, the translator into English. Despite the fact I’ve been working at learning English for many years, I still have a little trouble making the English text literate and accurate. Donn helps me by polishing that text when I call upon him for assistance.

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