Picture quality in the catalog

Collectors, you have probably noticed the growth of the catalog. There are many new variations of individual caps and complete sets (calendars) in it. However, some of the illustrations are of inferior quality. I have to use the images I receive because my aim is completeness of the catalog, and I can always hope to get a better photograph in the future. I realize many of these caps are quite rare, and we have to be grateful for any image at all -- even if the cap itself is rusty and what we see in the catalog is not an ideal picture. Here's how you can help: if you have some of these rarer caps in your collection that are of better quality and can send me images of them, please do so. Even if your own caps are not in great condition, if you can at least send me better photographs of them that will improve the catalog until someone submits excellent pictures of these caps in excellent condition.


hrustgurd24 jul 2012, 00:30

Поддерживаю Артёма - чем лучше качество наших каталогов, тем приятнее будет ВАМ с ними работать. Могу в следующей раздаче обновлённых каталогов для печати выложить картинки низкого качества - посмотрите как можно будет разглядывать размытости и пиксели в миллиметр.

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